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Lifestyle Consultant. Primal Health Coach. Personal Trainer.

Based on personal experience, work with hundreds of clients over two decades, and the pillars of functional medicine: I work with the whole person. As a fitness trainer, I'd be remiss without also looking at diet, sleep and stress; as a life coach I'd be careless to neglect nutrition and movement. Much like our bodies, it all works in tandom.

The nuts & bolts are simple: All programs are curtailed to your specific needs, health history, and lifestyle. Here in Brooklyn, NY or virtually (worldwide), I have the tools you need to invest in yourself wholeheartedly.

The first step is to set up your initial consultation so we can make sure our expectations align. I promise you will not be disappointed in your efforts to begin healing, strengthening and empowering your body, mind, soul in the new year!

But please don't take my word for it, I'm honored to have my clients give you theirs.

And then, yes ... LET'S DO THIS!


A collection of happy bodies & richer lives.

Kat is so much more than a trainer, and what I've gained from her is so much more than strength and health. She's a friend, a confidant, and a phenomenal listener, and someone for whom I am endlessly grateful.

Actor, Producer, Activist

Lynne Rosenburg

I have never felt so completely taken care of as I do with Kat. From the moment I met her I knew someone very special had entered my life.

As a trainer, I couldn't ask for anyone more knowledgeable, talented, and professional.

Training skills aside, she is also incredibly kind, compassionate, wise, funny and inspiring woman. 

I am honored to have her as a friend!

Event Planner

Sue Parillo

When I started working with Kat, I was desperate to bring peace to my mind and to feel happy. She has helped me realize I am the only one responsible for my happiness, and I am powerful and capable beyond measure. She is my partner in combating my stubbornness, she doesn’t let me give up on myself when I so desperately want to, and she has padded my life with countless resources so that my education and empowerment are available to me 24/7. Because of my work with Kat, I know my passions are there for me to grasp, and I now have specific steps I can take to truly LIVE my dream.


Sarah Nealis

Over the past six months, Kat has helped me immensely to navigate the peaks and valleys of life with clarity, perspective, and grace. She always seems to have just the story, quote, lesson, book, guru, etc. to motivate and inspire me in any situation. Her outlook on life is so fresh and positive and she most certainly walks the walk. 

Executive turned Explorer

Kim Blake

I've been working with Kat for 2 years and have never felt better! I really appreciate her holistic approach and creativity she brings to every workout.


As much as she challenges you, she also brings genuine warmth, encouragement and endless enthusiasm, keeping me motivated to set new goals. Thank you, Kat, you are the best!

Actor, Voice Artist, Writer

Ingeborg Riedmaier

Kat has been THE key force behind my efforts to improve my physical and mental wellness over the last 2 years. She's the trifecta of trainers: knows when to push, perfect combo of humor and seriousness, and varies the workouts so I learn something new each time. Kat's wise heart and constant commitment to growth are inspirations to me because she's patiently helped me overcome a lifetime of self-doubt about my physical abilities. I can't imagine my week without her!

Sesame Street, Writer/Editor

Kama Einhorn

Working with Kat has changed my life. She has guided and given me the tools to grow beyond what conventional therapy ever could. As a mom of three small children the added benefit of phone sessions makes it possible to fit my busy schedule! She is my personal trainer for my mind, my spiritual gangsta and someone I now consider my soul sister.

Boss Mom

Jamie Kennedy

I just wanted to say thank you for all your support, advice, kicks in the ass, and kind words you have given me. I knew I had this “change” inside me, but I didn’t know how to bring it out of me, and that is where Kat’s life coaching came in. I feel so much more content on a daily basis and I don’t look outside myself for anything. If I feel myself starting to walk down the old path, I just turn and walk the other way because I know where it takes me. I know now that if I keep this way of life things will only get better for me and my son. Thanks again.

Boss Mom

Erin Lally



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